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The first social network
fuelled by emotions
Express, share and measure emotions – your own or
those of your friends
and community.
50 émotions
50 émotions
émotions positives
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émotions négatives
émotions négatives
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50 emoticons to show how you feel

Emotions are a universal language. With Wifeel, every conversation starts with an emotion – and that’s the key. It makes self-expression more confident, more personal and more considerate.

Go with the emotional flow

Did that film make you happy? Are you in love? Did that political decision make you angry? Does that food make you suspicious? Does that project make you excited?

Life is a world of emotions.

Show your empathy. Get more in return

Say more about your emotions

With Wifeel, you can simply share an emotion – or go further by adding a comment, #hashtags, a geotag or a photo. The more you share, the more you get back.

Stats to help you understand (yourself)

Wifeel turns the things people share into useful data. Want to know the big emotions for a particular #hashtag or place? Trending emotions among your friends and community? Now you can.

The Earth is a world of emotions

With geolocation, we can tell our friends where we are. And with Wifeel, we can also tell them how we’re feeling.
This adds a new, human layer to our maps, and helps us find the most emotive places: feelspots.

More Wifeel

Wifeel In Situ, a real-time emotional barometer that can be set up at any event venue.

Wifeel Media, the button that lets you react to content on media websites.

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